Portion Control to the MAX!

Of course, now that I had given birth to my son, it was time to get back in the groove and ditch the dreaded baby weight. Since I was still breastfeeding, I knew I could not do anything drastic, like skip meals or cut out whole food groups. I decided that meal prepping and pre-portioning my meals would be the way to go. I could portion my meals and snacks to make sure that I had enough nutrition to support my milk supply, but still lose weight.Continue reading “Portion Control to the MAX!”

Pregnancy to the Rescue!

Boy, you don’t hear that every day! But that is truly how I felt about my first pregnancy. At 24 years old, I became pregnant with my first son, and I was now “eating for two,” and had more to be concerned about than my weight. I also had to nourish my baby with a variety of fruits, veggies, fats, proteins and vitamins and minerals. No more counting calories or carbs for me. Instead of restricting my food choices, I expanded my food choices…as well as my intake.

In fact, I gained 70 pounds throughout my first pregnancy. Yikes! I ate a very healthy diet of spinach, blueberries, walnuts, salmon, yogurt, etc. But I also ate a lot of tortilla chips with guacamole, margherita pizza, steak and potatoes, bagels and cream cheese, etc. Much like when I was IF’ing in error, I felt free from the worry of what and when to eat. I ate simply when I felt like eating. Perhaps I wasn’t always eating because I was truly “hungry,” but I ate what I wanted when I wanted and did not feel guilty about it, which felt great!

Despite my massive weight gain, my first pregnancy was a dream. I had lots of energy and was always in a good mood. My skin was clear and glowing, and my hair was thick and shiny. It’s a good thing too, because I ended up carrying my son past full-term and finally gave birth to him at 42 weeks on the dot. I was in labor for almost 24 hours, but bounced back pretty quick after giving birth. I also produced plenty of breast milk and was fortunate to breastfeed exclusively for six months. I felt like much of this was due to having a varied, well-balanced diet and letting go of worry I always had about food.

OMG, I’m an Addict!

In my continued quest for the perfect diet plan, I stumbled upon The Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet: The Lifelong Solution to Yo-Yo Dieting. Unlike the Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution, this book spoke to me. I didn’t think I was a “carbohydrate addict,” but I clearly saw myself as a yo-yo dieter with my tendency to skip meals.

In reading the book, I learned that I was most likely addicted to carbohydrates due to their effects on insulin and blood sugar. To avoid spikes in insulin and blood sugar, all I had to do was eat 2 small low-carb meals per day, consisting of lean meat and veggies, and then one reward meal of anything I wanted, but it had to be consumed within an hour. Doing so would keep insulin spikes to a minimum, blood sugar steady, and my metabolism burning fat for fuel. And since I could eat a reward meal once per day, I would not feel deprived. It sounded like a win!Continue reading “OMG, I’m an Addict!”

Round 2 of IF’ing in Error – Do I have an Eating Disorder?

Fast forward a few years to my early 20s. I was out of college and held a managerial position in fast food. I worked the breakfast/lunch shift, so my hours were from 6am – 4pm, with three days off. When I started, it was a struggle waking up at 5am to make breakfast at home and get to work on time. Once I did get to work, I was constantly on the go until about 2 o’clock p.m., just after the lunch rush.Continue reading “Round 2 of IF’ing in Error – Do I have an Eating Disorder?”

The Atkins Diet – the Answer to My Prayers…but Not My Social Life

After my first year of college, I became obsessed with food, nutrition and controlling my weight. On the weekends I’d research articles in library’s computer lab, and visit our local second-hand book store to read as much as I could about nutrition, exercise and anything that would make it easier to maintain my weight without having to “starve” myself, like I had done in high school. Looking back though, I never felt like I had “starved myself” in high school.

In fact, I was not obsessed with food like I was in college, and was actually more in-tune with my body then. I ate when I was hungry and didn’t eat when I wasn’t – it was so simple. That being said, everyone knew that skipping meals was bad, and just not normal. I certainly didn’t want to be labeled as “that girl who doesn’t eat.” And quite honestly, at this point, I couldn’t even skip a meal if I wanted to. My body was so used to having several meals and snacks a day, so it would have been torture to even try!Continue reading “The Atkins Diet – the Answer to My Prayers…but Not My Social Life”

Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner = Freshman 15

By the time I got to College, I’d lost significantly more weight throughout the rest of my senior year and the Summer break. I now weighed around 160 pounds, and fit into a size 8-10 pants. The only problem was, I knew I wouldn’t be able to continue skipping meals like I was so used to.Continue reading “Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner = Freshman 15”

OMG! What’s Your Secret?

After skipping breakfast and lunch for a couple of weeks, my peers really started noticing and complimenting me on my weight loss. As mentioned previously, I did not own a scale, so I was not aware of how much I weighed unless I had a doctor’s appointment or used the scale in our locker room. Classmates would complement me in the hallways and ask how much weight I had lost and what my secret was. I never knew what to say, because I genuinely didn’t know how much weight I’d lost and I really didn’t feel like I was “doing” anything to lose weight. A few times, I think I stammered, “Uh, not eating?” But that never felt right either because I was eating! What I wished I had said was, “Listening to by body’s natural hunger cues and not eating just because it’s time to eat,” but of course it never came out so eloquently. Does it ever?Continue reading “OMG! What’s Your Secret?”

IF’ing in Error

Like many people, I actually discovered intermittent fasting purely by accident. The first occurrence was during my senior year of high school, at the age of 17. Looking back at this, it makes plenty of sense that my body naturally took to IF, as I had ballooned up to 230 pounds during this time. My body was constantly aching, and I was always feeling tired and bloated. At this point in my life, I wanted to lose weight, but I knew nothing about nutrition or calorie counting. However, I did know the basic tenet of weight loss: eat less and move more. Although, it’s very hard to move more when you can barely find the energy to roll yourself out of bed in the morning.Continue reading “IF’ing in Error”

Finally, Freedom from Food Fears Forever!


What IF you could lose weight without counting calories or setting foot in a gym?

What IF you could stop food cravings, while still indulging in your all your favorite foods?

What IF you could heal your body naturally, without cutting out entire food groups such as meat, gluten or dairy?

What IF you could live the rest of your life never having to worry about food ever again?

Continue reading “Finally, Freedom from Food Fears Forever!”