Landfills and Bar-B-Que all on a Saturday

As summer rolls in, and school winds down for both my kids and me, my husband and I have started maintaining our yard more. We absolutely love hosting cookouts and inviting friends and family over for Bar-B-Que, but our yard was a complete mess from several months of neglect over the busy school year.Continue reading “Landfills and Bar-B-Que all on a Saturday”

It’s all Fun and Games Until You Forget to Feed the Kids

In my experience, intermittent fasting has very few downsides. It’s convenient, cost-effective, flexible, and offers a host of health benefits. But as a mother of three very active little boys under the age of 12, there is one issue that I’ve run into several times since I started. As much as I hate to admit this, I sometimes forget that my kids need to eat. 😬🤦🏻‍♀️Continue reading “It’s all Fun and Games Until You Forget to Feed the Kids”

Take It One Half-Day a Time

Like most people, I became interested in fasting to lose weight. More specifically, to lose TONS of weight as QUICKLY as possible! Sound familiar?

However, I soon learned that my What IF Diet Plan had nothing to do with losing weight, or any of the other physical benefits of fasting. Instead, my What IF Diet Plan was about creating an effective, healthy, and worry-free way of eating that I could fit into my lifestyle. For years, I was used to eating several times throughout the day, from morning to late night. Therefore, when I dove head-first into fasting for 16 hours straight, I was only setting myself up for failure.

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Wait…I’m Actually Not Hungry?

A few weeks into my new eating schedule, I was having a very busy and productive day at work and like clockwork, I looked at the clock on my computer screen to see that it was 10 a.m. on the dot. Time for breakfast! Although, this time I realized that I was not hungry like usual. My stomach wasn’t growling and I didn’t feel low of energy. In fact, I felt great!Continue reading “Wait…I’m Actually Not Hungry?”

Push Yourself…But Not Too Far!

When starting my What IF Diet Plan, I quickly learned that fasting is more about our thoughts and beliefs about food and nutrition, than it is about food itself. First of all, I thought there was absolutely no way that I could go without food for more than 10 hours, unless I had been sedated with a tranquilizer gun. Even then, I would’ve woken up so hungry that I’d eat my own shoe! The sad thing is…I was right!

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What IF…?

The more I tried to ignore the science behind fasting, the more drawn to it I became. I remembered in my earlier years how good I felt when I would go all day without eating and then enjoy a fulfilling meal with family and friends. I remembered how light I felt not having a full stomach all day. I remembered how much energy I had from drinking coffee during the day, and not having to worry about what or when I would eat breakfast or lunch. I remembered how freeing it was not worrying about food or feeling hungry all the time. I remembered how effortless it was to keep my weight down without even trying. But, I also remembered how guilty I felt that I had “neglected” my body and health by skipping meals.

What if I hadn’t wrecked my body in my younger years by skipping meals like I thought? What if eating small meals throughout the day was actually making it harder not to overeat and maintain a healthy weight? What if fasting could actually help me lose the extra weight I’d gained after having kids? What if fasting could be part of a busy, healthy lifestyle…even for a mother of three kids?

Then it hit me: this would be my What IF Diet Plan. And if it worked, it might actually be the last diet plan I’d ever need. So I decided to start the What IF Diet Plan to see if it could work for me. However, I agreed that I would only stay on this What IF Diet Plan under three conditions:

  1. It could not interfere with my family, work, or social life.
  2. It had to be convenient and cost effective.
  3. I would not take part in any form of exercise or physical activity that I did not enjoy.

That’s it. If at any point I found that the What IF Diet Plan did not meet one of these three conditions, I would end it and move on. Thus, my pursuit for the What IF Diet Plan began.

2018 – A New Year, a New Me, but Not How I Expected it.

For the 2018 New Year, I continued to focus on being a happier, healthier, more passionate person. This was the first year that I didn’t even bother trying to lose weight or making a New Year’s resolution, which was quite liberating. I continued to attend my HIIT class 2-3 times a week, and was in the second semester of my Master’s Program, and was scheduled to train at a national conference in May, and had two out of three of my kids in school, so life was pretty darn good…and extremely busy!Continue reading “2018 – A New Year, a New Me, but Not How I Expected it.”

I Want to “Want to” Lose Weight…but I Don’t Really Want to.

Fast forward 8 years and 2 more kids later. My weight had fluctuated greatly over the years, from 150 pounds before being pregnant with my second son, to 220 pounds after giving birth to my third son. Almost three years after my third son was born, it finally stagnated around 200 pounds. By this point, I had pretty much given up on trying to lose weight through diet and exercise. I felt like I wanted to want to lose weight, but I just didn’t want to try anymore.Continue reading “I Want to “Want to” Lose Weight…but I Don’t Really Want to.”

My 4-Hour Body Couldn’t Wait for Cheat Day…

In 2010 Tim Ferriss released The 4-Hour Body. I thoroughly enjoyed his first book, The 4-Hour Work Week, and loved his concept of Lifestyle Design, so I was excited to see what gold nuggets Ferriss would offer in this new book. Not surprisingly, Ferriss did not fail to deliver. In The 4-Hour Body, Ferriss introduced the concept of the Minimum Effective Dose or MED. I…was…HOOKED!Continue reading “My 4-Hour Body Couldn’t Wait for Cheat Day…”

The Blame Game – One Man and a Baby

Fortunately, (depending how you look at it,) I did end up losing most of my baby weight after the first few months of giving birth. I continued to eat my small pre-portioned meals, while trying to resist my husband’s home cooking, and running 2 – 3 miles per day on our home treadmill. And believe me, it is not fun running, (or doing any physical activity for that matter,) when your breasts are producing milk! It was agony, but I was finally able to squeeze into my size 6 pants again, which felt worth it at the time.Continue reading “The Blame Game – One Man and a Baby”