Why My Cravings Have Nothing to Do with Food

This week is a particularly stressful one for me. It is my first week back at work and my kids’ first week back after a two-week long winter break, AND… I’m PMS-ing. 😑 When I’m in PMS mode, my moderately healthy eating habits go right out the window because I’m tired and grumpy, and IContinue reading “Why My Cravings Have Nothing to Do with Food”

Creating New Non-Food Related Family Memories

The weekend before Christmas, our family took a rare trip to the “big city” to do some last minute Christmas shopping. Since the pandemic hit, we’ve been spending family time outdoors and it’s rare that we take our kids with us to enclosed public spaces or restaurants. Needless to say, our kiddos were excited toContinue reading “Creating New Non-Food Related Family Memories”

Fudge Stripe Cookies Now Taste Like Plastic

November 14, 2018 was a surprising day for me. It was my friend/coworker’s birthday and I had decorated her office all things Chris Evans, AKA Captain America, and given her a package of her favorite fudge stripe cookies. After gushing over shirtless pictures of Mr. Evans plastered all over her office, she tore open theContinue reading “Fudge Stripe Cookies Now Taste Like Plastic”

Breakfast is Still the Most Important Meal of My Day

After several months of success on my What IF Diet Plan, I cringed at the phrase: “Breakfast is the most important meal the day.” Bull Crap! I’d lost more weight, gained more energy, and felt less hungry by skipping breakfast, (and eventually lunch,) so that statement had to be a bold-faced dirty lie. Surely cerealContinue reading “Breakfast is Still the Most Important Meal of My Day”